We apply the latest research and technology to develop strategies for protecting your plants. Our tools include special soil and plant injectors, air spades, and chemistries designed for specific beneficial outcomes. Complete root care and fertilization techniques round out our comprehensive plant health care programs.

  • Tree Nutrition and Fertilization: Our rootcare fertilization includes the addition of beneficial organisms that improve soil conditions, encourage proliferation of roots, and increase plant vigor.
  • Root Pruning: Improper planting and urban conditions can create a variety of root and soil compaction problems. Teachers Tree Service uses an air spade to safely uncover, inspect, and correct tree root problems.
  • Insect and Disease Management: Accurate disease and insect diagnosis, in combination with accurately targeted treatments, minimizes the impact on beneficial organisms while effectively controlling pests. Whenever possible we use organic non-toxic treatments.
  • Construction Site Tree Preservation: Our experts will help you develop a plan to preserve the important trees on your property when building your new home or adding to your existing home, and minimize damage done during construction.
  • Tree Wellness Plans: Prevent decline and minimize problems by putting in place a tree wellness check-up system. By catching or preventing problems early we can minimize costly treatments and removals.