Ben Balparda

Ground Ops, Climber, Lift Operator

BS in Environmental Science, University of Vermont

Ben, our newest climber, joined our crew right after graduating from UVM in 2022 with chainsaw experience gained through Game of Logging 1-4 and work as a forestry intern sawyer. Since then, Ben has become our resident expert operating the tracked lift, and he is building his tree-climbing experience from the ground up. Ben is known on the crew for his positive attitude and ready smile.

Ben Freund

Consulting Arborist, Crew leader

ISA Certified Arborist

AS Forestry, Paul Smith’s College

Ben joined the Teacher’s Tree Service team in 2008 and has been integral to growing the company’s expertise, reputation, culture.  A consultation with Ben is a private course on all things tree-related; you will have a much better understanding and appreciation of your trees and woodlot.  In his spare time, Ben operates Open View Farm, producing some of the best maple syrup you’ll find in the state.

Teague Tompkins

Ground Ops, Climber-in-Training

BA Philosophy, Kalamazoo College

Teague hired on with our crew the summer of 2023.  He is building his expertise working on trees from roots to shoots:  Teague frequently works on our tree- and shrub-planting crew, and is already a reliable member of our ground operations.  Given his diverse- yet relevant- experience as a climbing wall instructor and floral design apprentice, we’re confident that Teague will soon join the ranks of our skilled tree climbers.

Derrick Bailey

Ground Ops, Crew Leader, Safety Director

Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP)

Derrick joined our crew in 2020 with a background in professional wildland firefighting.  He now leads our safety programs and new employee training.  Derrick is one of our best sawyers, and he’s our ground expert on rigging techniques.  Whether it’s blasting sea shanties, singing historic work songs, or playing the blues his harmonica, Derrick sets the beat for the crew every morning.

Eric Reindel

Ground Ops, Crew Leader, Equipment Specialist

Eric joined Teacher’s Tree Service in 2018.  He’s best known for feats of strength and agility in our articulated loader, but he also excels in understanding and planning out the applied physics problem that every tree removal presents.  The newest trick in Eric’s repertoire is dexterously removing trees from tight spaces with the grapple saw, our truck-mounted, remote-control articulated crane.

Greg Ranallo

Owner, Consulting Arborist

ISA Certified Arborist

Greg started Teacher’s Tree Service in Minnesota with an old pickup and a homemade trailer in 1994 as a way to supplement his teaching income. He moved his family and the business to Vermont in 2003 and made arboriculture his full-time vocation.  Over 20 years later, Greg continues to consult with clients, coach crews, and educate us all about trees.  When he isn’t doing arboriculture work, he’s goofing off on his mountain bike, skiing, or otherwise exploring the great outdoors.

Lilvia Bradbury

Plant Health Care tech, Ground Ops

B.S. Conservation Biology and Environmental Policy, Warren Wilson College

Lil moved to Vermont and joined our crew in 2022, bringing her experience in Plant Health Care and ground equipment operation.  Particularly well-versed in signs and symptoms of plant pests and pathogens, Lil thoughtfully guides our clients in making sound management decisions that support the vigor and performance of their trees and shrubs.  

Matt Farkas

Consulting Arborist, Plant Health Care tech, Fleet Manager, and All-around Troubleshooter

Matt joined the Teacher’s Tree Service team in 2020 and, by virtue of his desire to learn and be of service, he has grown his role to include a bit of everything.  If there’s a client with a special request, equipment in need of repair, or a task to get done, Matt is our go-to guy.  An autodidact of the best sort, if Matt doesn’t already know the answer to a question, he will track it down or figure it out.

Matt Parker

Crew leader, Climber, Equipment Specialist

ISA Certified Arborist

BS Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences, Paul Smith’s College

Since he joined our crew in 2018, Matt has been a founding member of our Plant Health Care team, risen through the ranks of our climbers, and continues to serve as a leader in both technical skill and professionalism on the crew.  He makes operating our biggest equipment – the bucket truck and grapple saw – look easy!  In true Vermont fashion, Matt’s family keeps a laying flock of hens and harvests honey from their apiaries.

Nick Steijn

Plant Health Care tech, Habitat Enhancement Specialist, Ground Ops

BS Biology, Hobart College

Nick’s expertise and experience studying and restoring a range of native habitats make him a valued member of our Habitat Enhancement team.  Even when he’s cutting back invasive buckthorn, Nick has an eye out for interesting or rare plants to point out to clients and his colleagues.  During the growing season, Nick is often treating our native trees to protect against invasive pests and pathogens.

Sarah Pears

Operations Manager & Consulting Arborist

MS Natural Resources, University of Vermont

Sarah is responsible for day-to-day operations which includes everything from scheduling jobs to running weekly payroll.  Her background in forest ecosystem health and management comes into play when she is working with clients to enhance their landscapes for humans and native wildlife.  When she’s not at work, Sarah prefers to run, hike, and canoe in wild places.

Mack Phillips

GroundOps, Climber

Profile coming soon…