With increasing concern about diseases spread by mosquitoes and ticks, we offer strategies to reduce the number of these insects in your yard.

  • Garlic Spray: We now offer an organic spray to keep mosquitoes and ticks away from your yard. Garlic spray is naturally offensive to mosquitoes and ticks and can last up to a month! With Lyme disease on a steady increase and some recent extremely wet springs in Vermont, we are poised to have yards that are uninhabitable because of irritating and dangerous mosquitoes and ticks. Contact us today for your free estimate!
  • Tick Tubes: Lyme disease is spread by the white footed mouse. Biodegradable Tick Tubes contain cotton treated with permethrin. The mice take the cotton back to their nests and the treated cotton kills the ticks feeding on the mice. Treating your yard with Tick Tubes can bring up to a 10-fold reduction of the risk of exposure to ticks.